Stephanie White,Tyler Bordan,Rita Chester

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3 books that will help you figure yourself out:
Book 1 - Personality Types
Who are you? No, not your profession or your sexiness, but your personality! Although we can all learn to behave a certain way, everyone has a certain tendency and energy about them. Everyone has a different personality type. But how do you find out your type? And how do personalities react to each other? How about figuring out how to live with your partner who has a different personality? So many people don’t understand others because they don’t understand themselves. And if you understand yourself, you will be happier, more productive, more patient with your own mistakes and others, and have an overall better life. So what’s keeping you from discovering how you can, more or less, categorize yourself? What lies at the basis of your true nature?
Book 2 - Emotional Maturity
Find out what it takes to be emotionally mature. Some people get older and never grow up. Others are very mature for their age. How can you determine when someone is really emotionally mature? And is there a way to become more mature faster?  Learn to be more mature now! We all know those people whom we consider to be mature. We all recognize it immediately. Women even claim it is one of the most important traits they look for in a partner. But how come we sometimes have a hard time pointing out why some people are more mature than others?
Book 3 - Enneagram
Different personality types seem to be all around us, despite of nature and nurture, they appear to stem from a higher, more essential self that has its own way of acting, thinking, and behaving. Despite the fact that each person's personality consists a neural complex mixture of experiences and emotions, there is a classification system that can help us recognize patterns and label them accordingly without judgmental tendencies.
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