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Portuguese Short Stories

If you want to learn Portuguese in less time while also enjoying yourself, then pay attention...
Learning Portuguese is a tough challenge, no doubt about it. The rich vocabulary and complex grammar can be discouraging when you are taking your first steps into the learning process.The goal of this audiobook is to teach Portuguese in the most effective way possible. It adopts a semi-communicative method—the storytelling approach. Telling stories is an effective educational tool because learners become engaged with the narrative and therefore remember the story effortlessly, the vocabulary associated with it, as well as making it easier to recognize sentence patterns.
However, “what more can storytelling offer?” Well, it brings you closer to how the language is spoken on an informal, day-to-day basis, instead of trying to teach how to form a sentence from scratch. When first starting out, and with no previous contact with the language, it is assumed that learners do not have much vocabulary, don’t know how the grammar and/or syntax works, and have no clue on how to pronounce the words; thus, making it harder to emulate the teaching process of a language with which someone is familiar with, even if he/she doesn’t know how it works formally. So, with that in mind, this book aims, with this approach and in parallel to the experience of a first contact with your native language, to give you an intuitive feel on how to build sentences, aside from establishing the basic knowledge on grammar and wording, as well as teaching key vocabulary.
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