Martin K. Ettington

More Out of Place Artifacts

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I love investigating out of place artifacts. The idea that they exist in contradiction to many accepted theories of our history says to me that we don’t know the real history of humanity and the Earth that we thought we did.

My first book on the subject is titled “Strange Objects Which Should Not Exist” which I published in 2019. After it was done I kept reading articles on more out of place objects—some of which were recently discovered. I realized there was enough material that I need to work on a “Part 2” book on the same subject.

Some of these objects might be fraudulent, but the fact that so many objects of this type exist says to me that there is some reality to them.

In this book we cover some well-known and documented devices like the Antikythera Mechanism, and others which may be unknown to most of you.

I hope you enjoy reading about and considering these strange discoveries as much as I enjoyed researching them.

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