Karen K. Stanta

The Bitch Chronicles

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Being nice doesn’t pay. So why do you keep doing it? Why do you let people walk all over you? Why do you give your power to other people? As a woman, you are a goddess. No one else can control you. Yet you have been conditioned by society to give other people power. Well, stop being nice. Learn to be a bitch instead!

It is actually OK to be a bitch. A bitch does not mean that you are awful. It means that you are powerful and you stand up for yourself. No one likes that. But guess what? They can back off. You are here to get yours and nothing will stop you.

This book will teach you to stop being nice. Instead, go after what you want and actually get it. Stop apologizing for who you are and settling for bad relationships and lower salaries. Stand up for your rights and get what you really want and need from life.

Learn how to become a powerhouse at home and in business. Learn how to follow real-life role models to make your life something dynamic. Above all, learn to embrace your femininity without apology and be your authentic self while earning respect!
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