Hellen Heels

Bella's Not So Little Secret

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Enjoy this short story by Hellen Heels.

That’s not to say that Leah was not beautiful. But she was the shy, petite beauty of a girl whereas Bella was a beautiful, gorgeous woman and would have been dubbed a maneater.
When the orientation ended, Leah gathered her things, also gathering the nerve to say hi to Bella, whom she would be stuck to for next twelve months, when Bella made it unnecessary.
“Hi Leah, I am so glad to meet you. I read your paper on the possibilities of using 3D organ models for surgery. It was amazing.”
Leah flushed but felt a bit more confident. “Hi, thanks. I thought no one read it, it felt so out there.”
Bella shook her beautiful head. “Oh no, it was brilliant.” Then she threw the most charming smile Leah had seen in her life, which, for some reason, made Leah blush. “And don’t you worry, I can see you are the shy, nervous type and you seem half out of your wits to be working under someone like Harold, but don’t worry, I have got your back. I am sure we will become great friends.”
She said everything so confidently but also so candidly that Leah believed her and actually felt her spirits lifting. And Bella was so nice that Leah couldn’t even feel justified in being jealous of her charm and beauty.
Hellen Heels
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