Gordon Keirle-Smith

Zandernatis - Volume One - Pre-Destination

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Facts stifled for 50 years revealed at last!

In 1962 a cache of ancient urns was discovered in Antarctica dating back tens of thousands of years. They contained writings proving our ancestral myths and lore are actually rooted in the history and culture of a pre-glacial utopian civilization...

“Zandernatis - Predestination” sets the scene and describes the opening of the most fascinating story contained in these texts: “The Song of Gorin”, an epic poem describing what really led up to the “Fall of Man” in “Paradise”. Initially, it reads like a fable – except that here it is backed by robust corroborative evidence and endorsements from researchers, the media and eminent experts, despite establishment efforts to block publication.

“Legends” suddenly become plausible!

Volume One of the Trinity breaks the silence, laying the foundations of this multi-faceted revelation, combining

• alternative history

• conspiracy theory

• allegorical fantasy

• suppressed archaeology

• past life memory research

Via a wealth of material:

• Substantial "retold" extracts from the epic "Song of Gorin" - the most revealing narrative discovered among the Haakon Urn writings.

• Transcription of a BBC Radio 4 interview with Gordon Keirle-Smith discussing his role in the project.

• Press cuttings from the international press announcing the discovery of the urns

• An article revealing the influence of pre-glacial civilization in Australian aboriginal culture

• A chronology of the Zandernation kings covering 3,000 years

• An article on Areligionism in Zandernation society

• The hunt for subjects with past life memories of Zandernatis, carried out by the PLMRI (Past Life Research Memory Institute) based in Lucerne, Switzerland

• A comprehensive bibliography of all the documents discovered in the Haakon Urns.

And all of this in a single work – defining the format of this new genre: the meta-realist allegory.

This work puts forward a viable alternative to the Genesis, Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Fall of Man myth. Viability backed by hieroglyphic and archaeological research, the deciphering of ancient manuscripts and controversial revelations. The links with aboriginal legends also reveal evidence of migration from Antarctica to Australia and Patagonia as the "great white continent" cooled. Past Life Regression is evoked in connection with this civilization in a search to find subjects with memories of living in an advanced pre-glacial civilization. We discover that reincarnation and recollection of previous lives played an important role in Zandernation society. As a result this was the only civilization in the history of the world that did not need religions, Gods, priests, temples or any other places of worship.

Zandernatis is a redefinition of "utopia" that can also set us on a path of self-discovery, opening our potential to see beyond the "here and now", discover the "there and then" and ultimately catch a glimpse of the eternal NOW.
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