Andia Bonnor

The IYD manual Livestream Gig Fix

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This is a technical guide, a "how to" guerrilla manual to help independent artists, bands and other creatives to maximise their sound, visuals, performance and online presence, using livestream gigs.
It is also a spiritual or metaphysical guide of sorts, since we rely heavily on channelling moods and feelings, using all of our senses, in mind, body and spirit. Such is the medium of music.
I detail what it takes to perform with consistency, to show up regularly with amazing new content - all of which can be reposted with outstanding organic engagement.
Get it right and you'll easily and efficiently make great sounding, good looking content which will grow your fan base quickly, and at the same time please the gods of all platforms, the mighty algorithms.
The main idea is to make videos on the fly (live) that can be reposted as curated video content. The big difference being, it was originally streamed:
The best engagement the internet can do.
Andia Bonnor
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