Mark Hansen

Of Wizards and Dragon

The dragon’s flame is growing!
Thissraelle is a high elf, but she’s lived among the humans of Twynne Rivers her whole life. She ran from her home in the Wizard’s Guild Hall so she could find her heritage in the elvish city of Emberfire. But now an old saint is visiting her dreams and telling her to go find someone he called Heathrax, her friends want to go back to Twynne Rivers, and her father, the Guildmaster, is trying to bring her home. All the while Tonklyn and the dragon Kirraxal are laying a plot to bring the kingdom to its knees, and Thissraelle is trying not to get caught in it!
This edition includes a summary of book one.
Praise for book one: Of Children and Dragons:
“...Each of these characters emerges from wildly differing circumstances, with unique goals which don't always neatly align with their companions...while being swept up by larger events.... (It) makes these players in this little drama so fascinating.” (Doug Bedwell, author of A Counterfeit Princess and Robot Captain)
This story is based on the setting and system of the table-top role-playing game, A Tale of Heroes by Mark Hansen, Brendon Hansen, and Jacob Hansen. It’s a family-friendly, story-driven system designed to help families enjoy time together.
Roll dice - build character
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Mark Hansen


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