Heikin Ashi Trader

How to Turn $ 5,000 into a Million

Can you become a millionaire on the stock market? The question of how to grow a small account undoubtedly occupies every trader’s mind. How do you manage to make a fortune out of a small amount? And preferably really fast?
Just as it is possible to build a real estate empire without a dollar of equity, so it is also possible to achieve high profits on the stock market with a small amount of starting capital (USD 5000 or less).
In this book, Heikin Ashi Trader presents a stock market strategy that will help the trader to succeed in this endeavor. Above all, he explains that the factor of position size plays a much more decisive role in trading success than is commonly assumed. The right question is not: how often are you right or wrong, but how big is your position if you are right?
This method is just about finding the markets where a significant movement can be expected. And once he has identified one, the trader should build a big position in that market, so that he can fully benefit from this movement.
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