Pantsdrunk: Kalsarikanni, Miska Rantanen
Miska Rantanen

Pantsdrunk: Kalsarikanni

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When it comes to happiness rankings, Finland always scores near the top. Many Finnish phenomena set the bar high: the best education system, gender equality, a flourishing welfare state, sisu or bull-headed pluck. Behind all of these accomplishments lies a Finnish ability to stay calm, healthy and content in a riptide of endless tasks and temptations. The ability comes from the practice of "kalsarikanni" translated as pantsdrunk.
Peel off your clothes down to your underwear. Place savory or sweet snacks within reach alongside your bed or sofa. Make sure your television remote control is nearby along with any and all devices to access social media. Open your preferred alcohol. Your journey toward inner strength, higher quality of life, and peace of mind has begun.
Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.
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Pantsdrunk: Kalsarikanni, Miska Rantanen
Pantsdrunk: Kalsarikanni
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