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Introduction to Investment Methods

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Everybody earns money, some like to spend it on consumer goods and some prefer to go for investment goods. Consumer goods are the ones which are simply the expenditures done and do not provide any Returns, whereas investment goods are the ones which provide Returns. Investments are done by full going some of the current expenditure and expecting some Returns in the future. There are various kinds of Investments which have different features and different intensity of risk, return and benefit. Investment is basically a purchase of a financial or economy asset or investment that could be used for selling at some future point of time or and bring a constant income. Generally, these investments are made for capital on monetary uses. There are various methods of investments, such as debt-based investment, equity-based investment, hybrid investment, and insurance investment. Some of these have high risk and some have low, some provide higher returns than the others and some are made by a mixture of others. This depends totally upon the discretion of the investor as to what investment method is chosen.
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