Ryan Butler

Freight Broker and Trucking Business Startup

Become Part of a Champion Industry that Overpowers Even the Toughest Economic Crises.The trucking industry has been flourishing and growing for some time now, and it will continue to do so, according to a market research report! The prediction is that the global market size will reach an impressive $41.47 billion by 2024.
This extremely favourable forecast provides a fantastic opportunity for those who wish to become a part of this lucrative industry. Large trucking companies own a significant portion of that cake, but a huge amount of transport in the US is handled by freight brokers.
But there is a catch.
Many have already recognized this amazing opportunity, and the number of independent freight brokers is increasing. Luckily, the market is so huge that there’s enough room for more, but competition is a factor that needs to be considered. This is why those who are considering venturing into the freight broker industry need to tread carefully and take certain steps to ensure the potential to grow and expand.
In Freight Broker Business, you will learn:
The 4 biggest challenges to expect and suggestions on how to solve them.The 3 most important Legal considerations for starting a business.How to create a solid business plan, find investors and pitch your business.Plus, as a bonus: In Trucking Business Startup 2021-2022, you will discover:
An overview of the trucking industryWhat you need to get startedThe best way to create your fleetThe importance of having a business planAnd much, much more!To start your journey to being a broker, trim down trial and error, gain the skills relevant to the business from building the right attitude to learning the backside technical aspects of the business, and finally live your dream, buy this book today!
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