Meditation in 7 Pages

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"What if I told you, at this very moment, within your reach, was a gift – a power – a resource –

that was completely free, indestructible, and beyond the reach of thieves?

What if I told you that this gift was also self-sustaining, unlimited, and always available?

This gift – what comes to mind – what in life do you know of that fits this description?

If you thought 'meditation', then we're on the same page. If you didn't...

...please, KEEP LISTENING!"

Meditation in 7 Pages, the first entry in the 7 Pages or Less series, is an intentionally-brief listen

geared towards supporting your inner growth. In less time than it takes to rake autumn leaves,

learn how to return the keys to unlock your access to unlimited energy.

Please enjoy this first audiobook in the 7 Pages or Less series. Short. Sweet. Seven.
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