R.A. Steffan

The Horse Mistress: Book 1

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My secret could save my people. It will also destroy my life.
My name is Carivel. I was born female, but I've been secretly living as a boy in my adoptive village of Draebard, doing a job the elders insist could never be done by a woman. My life is complicated enough already, so the last thing I need is to fall for not one, but two unattainable men—a fierce warrior and a reluctant wolf-shifter with a horrific past.
Now, with the powerful Alyrion Empire poised to invade our lands, I must choose whether to keep my secret or reveal it… not only to the men I love, but also to the powerful female ruler whose army could help protect Draebard during the coming war.
Either way, strife is coming to our island. Win or lose, things are about to change irrevocably for the three of us.
* * *
The Horse Mistress by USA Today bestseller R. A. Steffan is a 2016 Rainbow Award winning LGBT fantasy romance series.
This series is part of the Eburosi Chronicles:
The Horse Mistress (4 books, complete)
The Lion Mistress (3 books, complete)
The Dragon Mistress (4 books, complete)
Master of Hounds (3 books, complete in early 2022)
The War Mistress (4 books, coming in late 2022)
While loosely linked, each series may be read on its own.
A special note for Fantasy readers: This series is polyam romance with steamy scenes and strong LGBT content. The main character is genderqueer. One of the love interests is a eunuch. If your gut reaction to any of that is “Eww” or even “Meh,” you probably won't enjoy these books.
R. A. Steffan
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