Mark Greger,Michael M. Sisson

The Science of Mediterranean Diet: A Simple Beginner's Guide to Burn Fat, Lose Weight & Live Healthily Without Suffering

Are You Ready to Try the Best Diet of All Time?
Think about it: Why is it that the Mediterranean people live longer? What’s their secret? Is it the warm sun and breath-taking beaches? The answer lies in the Mediterranean diet, known for being the easiest diet that doesn’t cause you to suffer!
Tired of useless diets? This is the best solution for you: A healthy and effective meal plan that fulfills all your needs with delicious food. The Mediterranean secret!

Why this book is good for you:

●     You will learn the benefits of vegetables, fruits, and olive oil, so you can build a healthy meal plan that’s also very tasty!
●     By following the Mediterranean diet your body loses fat faster healthily and naturally.
●     Gives you a new and better understanding of the Mediterranean diet so that you can better decide if it is the right fit for you.

Did you know that olive oil is almost the best natural fat? Extremely rich in vitamins and fiber, it gives food a delicious taste. Well you guessed it, olive oil is one of the essential part of the Mediterranean diet.
Many studies were done about the Mediterranean diet. Unsurprisingly, many have shown that this diet lowers the risk of cancer, coronary diseases, diabetes, and depression, among many others. based mainly with vegetables and fruit, with the magic touch of golden olive oil, this diet resets your eating habits, and helps your body stay healthier and younger.
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