Peter Griffin

Sports Motivation: Train Like a Machine, Perform Like a Pro

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Athletes have an undeniable power and a firm mindset. Successful athletes have become who they are because of what occurs in their minds. With the right determination, personality (or lack of it), skill to adjust, or speed and readiness to learn, you can speed up the outcomes of your performance and find more completion in the process. In this book, you’ll learn, among others:
The distinction between a professional sports player and an ace athlete.
Ways to interact with coaches, trainers, and mentors.
Reaching your true potential by conditioning your brain to achieve success.
Overcoming weakness and ego by embracing the entire sport and its history.
Which general workouts work best and how to keep training when things get tough.
What a “false champion” is and how to avoid becoming one by not having “improper” motivational thoughts.
Different muscle groups and the importance of calories, exercising, and stretching.
General training tips everyone should know.
Healthy ways to work out the right way.
The best stretches, aerobics, and yoga exercises anyone can do.
Imagining, attitude, and other psychological tools you need to achieve the best results.
Silent voices in your head you can use to your benefit.
The unseen crowd that is always cheering you on.
61 Motivational sports quote for true athletes.
Specific exercises that point out how to stretch, or to increase your stamina or agility.
Inspiring stories from the underdog, the champion, and the Olympic competitor.
How some people became specialists after being in wheelchairs, beaten down, or handicapped.
Well-known examples of athletes who made it to the top, notwithstanding or even because of their flops.
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