Blake Severson

Soul Bond

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A mysterious Dragon, an army of orcs and goblins, and a Kingdom is born.

The battle with the bandits is over, and the companions turn toward building the village of Alem’s Crossing. At the same time, Arthur is thrust into his new reality after discovering his true heritage.

The young thief, Rayne, raids a noble’s treasury to find nothing more than disappointment and a hidden note. Given a quest of divine origin, he gathers a group of refugees to flee the city and head for the promise of a better life in the small village of Alem’s Crossing, on the edge of the kingdom.

The Champions of the gods take the field in clashes of might, and the ancestral bond of Dragons returns. Can Arthur succeed in his task and reclaim the Soul Bond before time runs out? Will Rayne make it to his destination before tragedy strikes? The LitRPG adventure heats up with more fighting, more crafting, and of course, more city building.
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