Noel Peralta Jr

Survival Guide to Work From Home

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New in a remote work setup? Have trouble adjusting to working from home? Our homes are meant to be our resting place. When at home, we can do whatever we want. But is it an ideal place to do our work? Our homes are also the place where most of our frustrations come from. Distractions are everywhere. This polarizing reality of our homes can mean disaster once we move our work in our home space as our respective home and work routines will clash with one another.

While implementing remote work seems an easy solution to save businesses of enterprises from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the approach comes with challenges that can end one's career and employment if the person is not prepared. The "Survival Guide to Work From Home" is written for workers who were forced or opted to work remotely as a safety measure of industries to secure the health of their workers. This book intends to help workers from different industries who are experiencing difficulties in adjusting to the work-from-home setup. It comprises practical, realistic, and feasible solutions to challenges and issues that one might experience while working from home.

The book used some of the common elements, principles, and scenarios from the military as their work relies primarily on survival and relates it to the remote work setup. It paralleled a soldier's experiences while fulfilling her duty in the military to an office employee who was struggling to adjust. Overall, the book is easy to read accompanied by entertaining illustrations per chapter.
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