Future-Proof Your Knowledge,

Future-Proof Your Knowledge

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Samuel Arbesman is a complexity scientist whose work focuses on the nature of scientific and technological change. Sam's also written two books that I love, The Half-Life of Facts and Overcomplicated.
In this episode, Sam and I discuss:
Our relationship with technology and how it has shifted the way we consume and retain information What “mesofacts” are and how to keep our mental databases updated in a world that’s constantly changing Whether art or science is more fundamental to a thriving, successful society The metrics Sam uses to define success for himself The difference between physics thinking and biological thinking and why it matters The phrase Sam’s father repeated to him every time he left the house that helped shape who he is today The books that had the most profound impact on Sam’s life/li> How to prioritize our learning so we’re spending time on information with the highest return on our investment And much, much more!
If you love learning, but feel like it’s impossible to keep up with the endless flow of information in the world, then Sam’s your guy.
Enjoy this fascinating interview below.
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 Future-Proof Your Knowledge,
Future-Proof Your Knowledge
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