David Feldspar

Text Analytics

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Dive deeper into the world of mining for or analyzing text.

Become more acquainted with the guiding principles of writing in a certain way, understanding language and tone in specific texts, and using existing models to analyze each and every word in relation to each other. In this guide, you will hear about topics such as:

Ways to use Python for text mining in three easy stepsHow to look at sentiment analysis and the psychology of artificial intelligenceLexicon-based analyses and comparative evaluationCross-language support and the uses of itWhat effect the Markov model has on your analytical skillsThe benefits of cynicism and sarcasm, and the tremendous impact they have on your audienceConditional sentences and negation words, and their significanceLatent Dirichlet Allocation and what it means
By broadening your perspective and understanding text and tone better by applying advanced analytical skills, you will have the ability to dig into that big brain of yours and make the most out of your texts by comprehending them in a logical way.
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