William Sullivan

C# Programming Illustrated Guide For Beginners & Intermediates

Learn Coding Fast!

Why should you choose to learn C# programming?

C sharp programing was developed by Microsoft and is USED in all their products!

Real Life Practical Uses of C#
Windows Services

Web Applications

Windows Applications

Web Services


Console Applications

Work-Flow Applications

Class Libraries

C# programming is an in demand skill sought out by many employers and corporations worldwide!

So not only was it created by arguably one of the biggest software/tech giants in history, but it is also a skill that has a HUGE job prospect in today's modern world.

☆★ What You Will Learn☆★

Object-Oriented Language & programming

Variables and Data Types

User Input and Console Output

Conditional Statements

Functions in C#

String Manipulation in C#

Polymorphism & Encapsulation

Practical Examples

And, much, much more!

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