Adrian Tweeley

Brain Training

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In this book are all the techniques you need to be a critical, smarter thinker. Intelligence can be developed and trained. Critical thinking is a skill many people have forsaken. They follow the masses, the media, the trends, or some role model they admire. However, when you think outside of the box and use pure logic to calculate your decisions, your life can be happier, more fulfilling, and more risk-free.
Success and prosperity depend on a healthy, clever look at things in life. You will learn, among others:
The definitions of critical thinking and deductive and inductive reasoning, and their applications.Examples of critical thinking from a historical and scientific perspective.The origin of philosophies and technological foundations for a smart way of taking all things into consideration.Skepticism explained, with pros and cons.How to make better decisions based on seeing the bigger picture.Understanding yourself by looking at egocentrism, empathy, and criticism.Letting go of your inner critic and improving your concept of logic and questioning.

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