Paul Ellis

The Silent Queen

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You have a story, a song, or a message that the world needs to hear. But if you are denied the opportunity to share your gift, your light will not shine as bright as God intended.

In The Silent Queen, Paul Ellis tackles the tough questions that keep women silent and sidelined.

- Should women stay silent in church?

- Can women teach, preach and pastor?

- What did Jesus think about women in leadership?

- Is infidelity the only excuse for divorce?

- Should women submit to male leaders?

- Are wives really helpmates?

- Are women more easily deceived?

- And much more!

“I was stunned by the things I discovered in this powerful book.” - Sandra McCollom, author of I Tried Until I Almost Died

“Brilliant! Amen! Yes!” ~ Jami Amerine, author of Well, Girl

“A critical and essential masterpiece.” ~ Nate Tanner, evangelist at L3 International Ministries

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