Eliran Dayan

The Star of the Neighborhood

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This story is based on true events of a serious and noble attempt made by the author to save the life of a cherished white and ginger cat who was injured.
The author found a cat lying in his garden one day, wounded and meowing quietly. Together with his friend, they took the cat to a veterinarian.
The veterinarian told them that the cat had probably been hit by a car and crawled to the garden.
Eliran started then to write about the story of Jupiter the hero, the curious cat, who was fascinated by the stars in the heavens and wanted to be “The Star of the Neighborhood”.
The story presents a picture of the complexity of the life of street cats, showing the anticipated urban dangers and their dependence on the mercy of the people who volunteer to feed them and care for them.
This story resonates well beyond cats and people. It talks about the values of carrying for the other and being empathic.

About the author
Eliran Dayan is the founder and a director of a well-established journal for Hebrew poetry and He is also the proud founder of Motiv Publishing House, which has already published a number of books of different distinguished writers.

Eliran Dayan has published a number of books in Hebrew. "The Star Of The Neighborhood" is the first one to be translated into English and other languages such as Arabic, Russian and Japanese.

Eliran has an avid interest in the written word, and he is using it to shatter issues which evoke emotions in all of us.
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About the narrator
Simon Gillespie arrived in Australia in November of 1996, having established a successful career as an actor, singer and director in England.
Cabaret has been a constant feature in Simon’s career and he now enjoys enormous popularity globally.

His sets are always varied and well crafted, whether performing hits from Broadway shows and a range of classic and more recent material, or in his personal tribute to the greatest of all Australian singer-songwriters: Peter Allen. Simon’s delivery is both sophisticated, ‘tongue-in-cheek’ and always very personal. This is true entertainment.

Simon’s wealth of experience in theatre, TV, film, radio and cabaret shine through in his presentation in each new project. He is known as an exacting and energetic performer, with an eye for detail and the ability and determination to deliver. He remains one of Sydney's most enduring and popular entertainers and always 'in-demand' on Cruise Lines internationally.
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Eliran Dayan
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