Carolyn Nooks Teague

Three Dimensions of Learning

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In "Three Dimensions of Learning," Nooks Teague offers a new enlightened approach to learning. It guides readers through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development of the child from life inside the womb to life in the school and provides tips that can help parents and educators recognize the symptoms that flag hidden disabilities. Hidden disabilities like vision dysfunction and sensory processing disorder can "make or break" a child's propensity to learn. Specific steps, illustrations, checklists, and exercises that parents and educators can use to empower the future of the child are included. Environmental and biological factors are identified with a clear explanation of how things like diet and even water affect the learning process. Strategies presented by Nooks Teague to help children self-regulate their emotions, as well as deal with issues concerning gender confusion, are included in this body of information.
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