Jason D. Lipsey

I'm a Narcissist An Honest Self-Help Guide To Identify And Understand The Symptoms Of Narcissistic Personality Disorder And How Do Deal With It.

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Do you worry that you are suffering from narcissistic personality disorder?
Are you frightened about the future and what it will bring?
Do you want to be able to find ways to deal with it before it ruins your life?
Having any disorder that is of the mind is hard to deal with. They can be complex to treat and difficult to cure and amongst the hardest is Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which can ruin your life and the lives of almost anyone you come into contact with as well. If you have found that you’ve asked yourself the question about whether you are a narcissist, then the chances are you could well be one and you need to act now.
Inside this book you will find the tools that will help you, in chapters that include:
 What Narcissistic Personality Disorder is
 How it affects people who have it
 How it affects those around them
 The 9 most common traits of a narcissist
 Tests you can do to get the answers you want
 Relationships and how they work
 Ways to deal with the problem
 And much more…
Living as a narcissist will be a challenge for you. Many people will want to avoid having anything to do with you and you will undoubtedly suffer if you don’t take some positive action early on.
This book holds many of the answers to dealing with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and can make a huge difference to your life and the relationships you would seek to build.
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