Julie Lampaa,Kerry Schwalvach

Mayo Clinic Obstetrics

As much as pregnancy is an exciting time for mothers-to-be, it also has the potential to generate significant stress and questions, like: What should I do once I find out I’m pregnant? What type of birthing plan is right for me? How do I know if I need a doula? Created by two childbirth experts, Obstetricks helps eliminate these common concerns by providing expecting moms with a comprehensive pregnancy and childbirth toolkit. Many busy moms-to-be don’t have time to read dozens of books about pregnancy. In just over 100 pages, Obstetricks offers a concise, yet detailed, guide that shows readers what to expect during every stage of the pregnancy and childbirth process. From everything you need to know about prenatal care—like maintaining a proper diet and exercise routine, scheduling prenatal screenings, getting ready for delivery, and preparing for common body aches and pains—to knowing exactly what you and your birth partner can expect on the delivery day, Obstetricks is packed with essential information you need to know about the stages of pregnancy and childbirth. Additionally, Obstetricks gives readers insight into the lesser-discussed aspects of pregnancy, including: · Pregnancy sleep tips · Tricks for handling mental stress while in labor · How to prepare a Plan B for your delivery day · General tips for staying confident and positive during your pregnancy · Breastfeeding secrets from professional doulas, and more This book will also help you prepare for the realities of postpartum life, teach you how to make the most out of your baby’s first few weeks, and show you how to combine modern-day medicine with long-trusted techniques for a healthy, happy pregnancy. With an easy-to-reference Table of Contents, readers will be able to pick up Obstetricks and find the answer they’re looking for in seconds. Whether you need a complete how-to guide or a quick refresher, Obstetricks will help you and your partner feel ready for a successful delivery.
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