William John Locke

The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne

The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne is a 1905 novel by William John Locke about a middle aged schoolmaster, who unexpectedly inherits money and a title. Walking through a park he finds a young girl weeping—a harem girl who has been brought to London for an arranged marriage, and has run away. Not knowing what else to do, Sir Marcus brings her to his home… Excerpt from the book: "At this moment the chief's wife came into the library with the morning paper in her hand. On seeing me she rushed forward. "Have you had bad news?" "Yes. Is it in the paper?" "I was coming to show my husband. The name is an uncommon one. I wondered if they might be relatives of yours." I bowed acquiescence. The chief looked at the paragraph below his wife's indicating thumb, then he looked at me as if I, too, had suffered a seachange. "I had no idea—" he said. "Why, now—now you are Sir Marcus Ordeyne!" "It sounds idiotic, doesn't it?" said I, with a smile. "But I suppose I—am." And so came my release from captivity."
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