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Operations Management Crash Course

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Operations Management is recognized as a vital factor in the economic growth of the country. The traditional concept of effective manufacturing management follows the principles of production management with the main focus on the overall economic efficiency in the manufacturing sector. It was later on that the new term “operations management” had been identified by the increase in the service sector. The rapid advancements in the field of technology have imposed several challenges as well as opportunities. These have resulted in the overall enhancement of the capabilities of the manufacturing sector through the use of new resources & materials along with essential procedures, techniques, and facilities. Therefore, the management of an effective service system serves as one of the major challenges in the global environment of stiff competition.
Operations Management serves to be a key factor in the overall productivity as well as the improvement of the various business activities across the globe. Operations Management is responsible for leading the way for the global organizations towards the achievement of the goals & objectives with the least possible efforts. Therefore, the study of this subject at both the undergraduate as well as the postgraduate levels offers great significance to the individuals.
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