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Dave Meritt

The Secrets of Domain Names

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The Secrets of Domain Names: Discover the Proven Techniques on How to Earn Big Bucks From Investing and Selling Domain Names

Domaining isn’t new. There are a lot of businesses that have made millions of dollars from some aspect of selling domain names. Some are domain squatters, some snatched up dropped domains, and some sell local domains. Some also have a portfolio of generic word domains that have actually sold millions. For traditional domain investing, unless you have a huge amount of money to invest, it can really be incredibly risky and expensive. But there is a kind of domain investing you don’t need a large amount of money for and it’s called new generic TLD’s.

In this audiobook, you will learn all about new gTLD’s and a variety of ways you can make money from them both in the short and long term. You will discover how you can sell or invest in them. You will learn excellent ways to invest in this new era of domaining.

This audiobook will cover the following topics:

- Making Quick Cash Reselling gTLD’s

- Long Term Investing in gTLD’s

- Passive Income from gTLD’s

- Growth, Expansion, and Miscellaneous Tips

- And many more!

NOW is the time to strike on domains. If you want to learn more, scroll up and click “add to cart” now!
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