Rachel Hart

Why Can’t I Drink Like Everyone Else?

Many people have silently asked themselves why can't I drink like everyone else? They wonder why sometimes it feels like alcohol has a pull over them, that they don't understand, and don’t like to talk about. They are frustrated that other people can control how much they drink without any problem, when their efforts are often hit or miss.

Rachel Hart has spent years trying to answer these questions for herself and untangle this mystery. Deep down, she was afraid that her drinking was always going to be a problem, and grew more and more frustrated of the repercussions. As the years mounted, she worried that not being able to rein herself in meant something was really wrong with her.

There is a solution—and it doesn't require anyone to wear a label for the rest of their life or admit to being powerless. In fact, the tools outlined inside will reveal just how much power there is within each and every person struggling with this issue.
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