Martin K. Ettington

See the World Clearly

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Even in our modern technological age where Science is supposed to be preeminent we live in a fog of delusions and misinformation about our world.

Our problems are a lot deeper than Pandemic issues and current political struggles. While our religions are important to human wellbeing many religious dogmas stop us from asking questions which results in hiding the truths of deeper spirituality from most of us.

Through my experiences, research, and writing on topics like longevity, the paranormal, legendary beings, time and dimensional travel, aliens and UFOs, and many other subjects I have found many inconsistencies and a lack objective analysis of these subjects. Even scientists make assumptions about their topics which may not be correct.

Misinformation and delusional thinking also leads to unnecessary unhappiness and to us limiting ourselves in our career choices and work endeavors.

We also don’t realize that the Unconditional Love of others and our world is out there waiting for us. Once we realize this it makes us much happier and more satisfied in our lives.

My goal in this book is to help readers to think more openly and clearly about the real truths which exist in our world and universe. Changing your point of view and becoming more open minded will also help you live a happier and more fulfilling life. It will also help you learn to live in the all-encompassing love of life which is our heritage as human beings.

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