The Ancient Mythologies of Peru and Mexico

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Regarding the origin of the American mythologies, it is difficult to discover traces of foreign influence in either Mexico or Peru's religion. At the time of their subjugation by the Spaniard's legends were ripe in both countries of beneficent white and bearded men, who brought a fully developed culture. The question of Asiatic influences must not altogether be cast aside as an untenable theory; but it is well to bear in mind that such influences, did they ever exist, must have been of the most transitory description, and could have left but few traces upon the religion of the peoples in question. If any such contact took place, it was merely accidental, and, when speaking of faiths carried from Asia into America at the period of its original settlement, it is first necessary to premise that Pleistocene Man had already arrived at that stage of mental development in which the existence of supernatural beings is recognized—a premise with which modern anthropology would scarcely find itself in agreement.
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