Karla Gracey

Mail Order Bride - A Bride for Gideon (Sun River Brides, Book 9)

Alberta Freemont, the daughter of a prominent Boston politician knows all about the need to marry well and that love isn't always a consideration. Yet, she finds herself alone and with no husband as her friends are all beginning to marry and have children. Longing for a child of her own, she is prepared to take matters in to her own hands, but will she find more than she bargained for in the wilds of Montana?

Gideon MacAlpine wants to be Governor of Montana, but he doesn't want a wife. He loves his bachelor life, but will the public ever trust a man who cannot even commit to one woman? Feeling the pressure to conform, he prays that a solid political match will suit his needs, but will he find that he wants more after all?
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