Henry Beam Piper

Little Fuzzy

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Little Fuzzy is a science fiction novel by H. Beam Piper. Protagonist Jack Holloway lives a solitary life in a wilderness of planet Zarathustra, itself 'owned' by the Chartered Zarathustra Corporation, which installed basic services and colonial outposts initially, and now reaps the benefits of new discoveries, such as the valuable 'sunstones' mined by Holloway until he befriends a tiny, golden-furred humanoid that he names 'Little Fuzzy.' Little Fuzzy brings his family/tribe to meet Holloway and the lot of them promptly adopt Holloway as well. Upon discovery that the Fuzzies' intelligence may qualify them as a sapient species, the Company moves against them. The reason for such an action, which if carried through to conclusion would be genocide, is that such a discovery would turn the planet a protected aboriginal zone, install a proper government there, and deprive the Chartered Zarathustra Company of its complete control of the resources there.
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