Smita Malhotra

The Newborn Handbook

The saying "babies don't come with a manual" may be true-but newborn books are a good place to start. Parenting is a process of phases and milestones, and newborn books are invaluable. Each new stage, as important as the last, serves as a building process for years of parental education and care. The Newborn Handbook will gently and sequentially lead you through each week of caring for a newborn in the first three months-the weeks and months that can be both exhilarating as well as nerve-racking.

From how to prepare your home prior to baby's arrival, to both parents' contributions to the stages of early development, this standout in newborn books prepares you for all of the challenging situations to come.

Go beyond other newborn books with:

Baby steps-Each chapter follows your baby's age sequentially, so you can intuitively follow along in each growth stage.

All parents included-This inclusive book is filled with practical advice for all parents and caregivers-even non-biological.

Helpful resources-Discover helpful references and resources section with some great additional information.
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