Kenneth Gentile

Lavaca Gallows

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Jago Gist’s dreams for his Lazy G Ranch stand on the cusp of fruition when friend and neighbor Calhoun Hoskins is served papers. The betrayal threatening Hoskins’s BlueHill Ranch quickly pulls Jago into the struggle.
Texas in 1884 is moving to the rule of law, but not fast enough for Jago and Calhoun to rely on it to keep barons like William Wilkins from usurping the land and cattle of others.
The men of BlueHill and Lazy G bank not only on their frontier skills but also on the mettle and devotion of their women. Driven by determination and desire, the alluring Liliana and Calhoun’s sister, Eliza, prove themselves fierce and loyal in the face of the onslaught.
With Wilkins and his hirelings closing in, paid guns and lawyers may not be enough to defend BlueHill. Triumph may rest on an act of desperation, an ultimate sacrifice to protect the Hoskins legacy.
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