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A mix of genres entwines in this compelling series of tales — about tiny heroes and tiny villains.
Impossible Children, Robert Yune
16 stories highlighting women of color—cunning, bold, and resolute—facing sexual harassment and racial violence, and occasionally inflicting that violence on each other.
Unexpected, savagely funny, deliriously strange, and absolutely brimming with adventure.
Anchored by a wooden ring, Militello explores her life through the lens of three intertwined elements: the story of a mentally ill aunt in an abusive marriage; a high school romance with a boy who eventually dies of a heroin overdose; and an extra-marital affair characterized by an otherworldly connection.
Knock Wood, Jennifer Militello
Wandering souls are set adrift in these well-told tales— everywhere from America's heartland to war-ravaged former Yugoslavia.
The dark side of human experience is indulged beautifully in this collection of macabre tales.
Refreshing and invigorating stories of displacement, exile, and identity.
An eclectic collection of stories — about people haunted by their environments.
White Dialogues, Bennett Sims
Perfect for Elena Ferrante fans.
Two transcendent tales of love, death, and desire penned by an award-winning Japanese writer.
Witty, humane, endearingly odd stories about women and men, monsters, obsessions, art, and falling in love.
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