Charlie Hedo

Hotwife Confession

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Hotwife Monologue Part 2 :
"You know I cheated on you with George, that evening. I already confessed that. You were angry and jealous. Two times. Because I cheated on you. And because George wanted to be my lawyer if it came to a divorce.
George defended us when we had that problem with our neighbors. The neighbours refused to pay for the damage they caused when they built that annex to their house.
You found us a great lawyer who defended our case with great success. You thought you were entitled to George. But I had him. Twice.
What do you want? I know, I realize that you think my confession is not a confession at all, because you think you already know the whole story. But you don’t know the whole story. The whole story is ... more interesting.
I want to tell you the whole truth."

In Hotwife Confession John Carter is carefully listening while his wife Murielle tells a story. It is a daring story that turns out to be a confession. While telling the truth about things that happened in the past, she gives a whole new meaning to the concept of “being loyal to your other half”. Look out for our other Hotwife Monologues. Enjoy!
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Hotwife Confession
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