Ann-Marie Richards

MISSING - A gripping psychological thriller with a shocking twist you won’t see coming

"Wow! Captivating story. What a twist!!" - Jerry E. (ARC review)
"Loved, loved, loved the big twist--I did not see that coming!". - ARC review
Somebody was watching her every move.
They knew her schedule, where her daughter went to daycare…

After walking out of an abusive relationship, losing her job, falling into debt, and the sudden death of her parents, Isabell Morgan thought her life was beyond repair until...
She gave birth to her daughter Courtney and later found the love of her life, Erik.
Together they moved to Ocean Bay Cove, a quaint small town on the east coast, and bought an affordable fixer-upper in a cozy neighborhood. Her life seemed to be finally headed in the right direction.
And then...
Her daughter and her fiancé went missing, without a trace...

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