Heart of the Machine, Richard Yonck
Elon Musk, Ashlee Vance
Ashlee Vance
Elon Musk
    Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari
    Yuval Noah Harari
      The Body Book, Cameron Diaz
      Homo Deus, Yuval Noah Harari
      Yuval Noah Harari
      Homo Deus
        Charles Darwin
        The Ori­gin of Species by means of Nat­ural Se­lec­tion, 6th Edi­tion
        Bad Science, Ben Goldacre
        Ben Goldacre
        Bad Science
          Particle Physics, Tom Whyntie
          Tom Whyntie
          Particle Physics
            Pieces of Light, Charles Fernyhough
            Charles Fernyhough
            Pieces of Light
              Murderous Minds, Dean A. Haycock
              Dean A. Haycock
              Murderous Minds
                Front-end Developer Handbook 2017, Cody Lindley
                30-Second Brain, Anil Seth
                My Inventions, Nikola Tesla
                Human Anatomy in Full Color, John W. Harcup
                Chaos Monkeys, Antonio Garcia Martinez
                Antonio Garcia Martinez
                Chaos Monkeys
                  Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, Edwin Abbott
                  Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben
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