Bookmate subscription

$6.99 per month
Access thousands of books in English
$9.99 per month
Access the entire Bookmate library – 850 000 books in English and 11 more languages, including hot titles and business books
$14.99 per month
Access to all audiobooks


Why should I pay for Bookmate?
Our people do everything they can to make Bookmate great, so we need to make sure they stay with us! Your money goes straight back into making Bookmate even more awesome. Plus, we have to pay publishers, who in turn need to pay authors. Don’t forget the authors.
How many books can I read or listen to with a subscription?
As many as you want! With a Bookmate subscription you buy access to an entire library! We offer several types of subscription: Standard – access to thousands of books in English. Premium – access to the entire Bookmate library: 850,000 books in 12 languages. Audio subscription – access to all the audiobooks in our library.
What happens to my books and audiobooks when my subscription ends?
They won’t disappear… but you won’t be able to read or listen to them until you resubscribe. However free books and any books you’ve uploaded are accessible without a subscription.
How can I extend or cancel my subscription?
For your convenience subscriptions renew automatically, but you can always cancel the auto-renewal function in the iOS App Store, Google Play, or via your profile settings on
Can I use Bookmate without a subscription?
For sure. But access will be limited to free books only – mostly classic literature and some lesser known gems. You’ll also be able to make quotes, leave impressions, create bookshelves, and share your library with other readers. All without subscribing.
Can I upload my own books and audiobooks to Bookmate?
Not audiobooks. But books – yes, please! As long as you have them in EPUB or FB2 file format you can upload, save, and read them for free. Other readers will see these books too, but won’t be able to read them. Plus you’ll also be able to create quotes, leave impressions, and add uploaded books to your bookshelves.
Where can I read or listen to books?
You can read books on our iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps, as well as via a PC by visiting However, you can only listen to audiobooks on our iOS and Android apps. Here’s a link to download the app.
Can I have a free trial subscription?
Yes, but only if you’ve never had a Bookmate subscription before. To get your trial, you’ll need to register on our site or in our app, choose the subscription type you want to try (Premium or Audio), and enter your card details. Done! Your subscription will renew automatically after 1 month. After that you’ll pay $9.99 per month for Premium and $14.99 per month for an Audio subscription.
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