Mohamed Mayed
Mohamed Mayedhas quoted5 months ago
Life will have surprises, good and bad. It will have fires that are real and false alarms, but each will give you something to learn about yourself and about each other. Each of these alarms will reveal a truth to you. How will you respond and react? Will you put others before yourself? What sacrifices, what choices, will you make in the face of a fire alarm?

“Notice and appreciate when life seems calm and content. Be grateful for the lack of alarms in those times of tranquility and build your reserves of patience and love. Use the fire drills of life to practice kindness and respect for each other, as opportunities for self-improvement and growth as a couple. Joseph and Veronica, you are surrounded today by those who care for you. Learn to seek out extra support and turn to family and friends when a fire gets too hot. Your true friends will be there when the alarms are not false.

“Bolster and shield each other during the fires, big and small, in your marriage, be each other’s safety net. Take time to explore what those fire-alarm moments mean. Work to prevent fires. Communicate truthfully to extinguish sparks of despair or frustration early, before they ignite. Use compassion and empathy, discussion and touch.

“While you put out the fires of loneliness and fear, continue to fan the flames of your love, and when that love changes from impassioned to contented, from new love to mature love, always nurture the embers in your hearts to keep your marriage strong and vibrant. Joseph, Veronica, we ask God’s blessing upon you, today and forever. Amen.”
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