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When I first saw this book I thought it is another book telling you get rich quick kind of things that work only good in excel.

But over the time, I found some high profile people like Bill Gates recommending this book as a must-read. So, I decided to read it and when I finished it; I find it best decision I ever made.

This book will change your perspective towards profession, goals, objectives, people, wealth and give you insight of what money is.

If you still feel the same and don't understand the message then you really are a Chicken Little and meant to serve the world for very less than you deserve.

This books does not teach you money making formulas and investment techniques. But what it gives you is the knowledge and attitude towards money this is what author refers as Financial Intelligence.

You will know how fear, greed and desire work and how these trap you if not managed properly.

Mostly people come with a combination of fear and greed and this is a worst combination and only creates money slaves. People with fear and desire are rare they master money when they manage their fear and desire. These are the people who make money and others work for them.

There is a lot to say about this book. So just read it. This may become your first step towards your financial freedom or you will spend your life as it is.

There is gold everywhere; but only few are trained to see it.

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