History Of France

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    A book from Les Musées d'Europe series, Versailles guides its reader through marvellous interiors, picturesque surroundings and rich royal and political history of the most famous and fabulous french palace of all times.

    Even if you dont't speak french, 200 illustrations will provide you a full tour through the palace and its gardens, allowing to feel yourself as a silent flâneur in a foreign land. And, well, this adventure is completely free.
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    A children’s book from 1900 telling a patriotic history of France up until the revolution of 1789. Beautifully illustrated by famed French illustrator, Job.
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    The book, published in 1910 and written by Theodore Cahu, is one of a series of Collection d'Albums Historiques and is a stunning album on the famous 17th century French statesman, with full page and double page watercolour illustrations in chromolithograph in a magnificent embossed coloured binding.
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    Nobody makes caricatures better than the French, and this album of satirical images of french soldiers during the Franko-Prussian war is a great way to make the point.

    French soldiers and citizens of Paris during the siege are involved in lightly comical and sometimes frivolous situations. Details of the soldiers' uniform are depicted with utmost care.

    The last part of the book is named Communardiana, and depicts faces of the members of Paris Commune (and, it seems, becomes a bit more caustic than before).
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    The revolution of 1871 not only reshaped the political landscape of France, but also washed away part of its architectural legacy.

    The events of Paris Commune uprising involuntarily became the piece de resistance Haussmann's renovation of Paris — and a payback of some kind: while the Baron ordered demolition of hundreds of houses of the poor, the Communards destroyed palaces and monuments devoted to those who were in power.

    Either way, nowadays we can recall Paris as it was before those dramatic events only through books — and, perhaps, one of the most beautiful books is this depiction of the Paris of the Old fading away in front of your own eyes on these magnificent color illustrations.
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    "I am the state."

    The story of the most magnificent king in french history was published in 1904 and became a hit.

    The book contains 40 full-page colour plates with depictions of court's everyday life, theatre plays, battles and many other stories from the most luxurious period of French history.
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    When the European armies were being levied in the early 1800s, the first official Cantinieres originated within the structure of the French Army. These women evolved from the vast ranks of sutleresses and canteen workers that had attached themselves to the numerous regiments.

    Read our album dedicated to cantiniers (in French, of course) or just enjoy the illustrations.
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