Books in the “Podcast: Ctrl Alt Delete” bookshelf created by Emma Gannon

#210 Liz Ward: Do You Want To PIVOT?,
#209 From The Archives! Alice Levine from My Dad Wrote A Porno,
#207 From The Archives! Will Young: On Setting Boundaries,
#206 Elizabeth Gilbert: The Weather Forecast In Our Minds,
#205 Dame Stephanie 'Steve' Shirley: How To Let It Go,
#203 Dustin Lance Black: On Storytelling & Building Bridges,
#202 Jess Pan: Living As An Extrovert For A Year,
#201 Emma Dabiri: Don't Touch My Hair ,
#200 Poorna Bell: In Search Of Silence, Not Self-Help,
#199: Philippa Perry: The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read,
#198 Rachel Cargle: Instagram, Activism & White Privilege,
#197 Elizabeth Day: The Myth Of Shiny Success,
#196: Candice Carty-Williams On Writing and Promoting "Queenie",
#194 Mrs Hinch: How To Hinch Yourself Happy,
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