Ass for Rent, Clara Cummings
Clara Cummings

Ass for Rent

A young woman gets behind with her rent and when the landlord talks of eviction she offers him her body in lieu of payment. He takes up the offer and uses her for some pleasure.

Excerpt: “Get on the bed on all fours,” instructed Mr. Craig. Gail did this. She watched as Mr. Craig walked to the top of her bed and picked up a pillow. He put the pillow under her face. “OK, rest your head on that, but keep your ass in the air.” Gail again did what she was told.

Mr. Craig went to sit at the side of the bed and Gail gave a start as she felt his hand slide onto her ass. He stroked it over her rounded cheeks and Gail could hear him letting out soft moans as he played. The touch was nice, although didn’t really do all that much for Gail. Mr. Craig looked around and seeing a chair went to get it and put it on the floor at the bottom of the bed. He sat on the chair, his eyes glued to Gail’s ass……..
12 printed pages
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