Break Every Yoke

The message of this book addresses the lovingkindness of God, the challenges of reentry for the former prisoner, and the brokenness of the inner city.
Loose the bonds of wickedness. Undo the heavy burdens. Let the oppressed go free. Break every yoke. These directives from God are found in a single verse in the Bible. Compassion for others emanates from God. He came to us in person, seeking and saving the lost, encouraging all of us to care for the poor and those in bondage, living under a yoke of oppression.
Bonds of wickedness and heavy burdens can be seen in many walks of life. They represent the front lines of Christian ministry. The power of darkness in this world is real. It has resulted in addictions, poverty, and homelessness. Yokes of oppression are pushing many around! But hope in God is an anchor of the soul. The Christian walk in life, being in fellowship with God through faith in Jesus Christ — is the best form of rehabilitation, the best means of recovery, the best way to rebuild your life on planet Earth. Whether your faith in God is a tiny spark or a bright flame, consider being an extension of the merciful lovingkindness of our Lord, and Break Every Yoke.
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