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This collection of articles is a game-changer for career and life strategy, goal achievement, self-actualization, and peak performance.   The unprecedented “BioMaxed” methodologies help you to determine your personal formula for a biologically maximized career and life.
The result is “paid play,” “paid growth,” and “paid learning”  as a way of life.  Discipline and the need to push yourself are replaced by the pull of addictive drives and emotional highs.  You can accomplish so much more than you ever thought yourself capable by never having to work again.
Biomaxing is about more than clichés such as “follow your heart” or “do what you love” or “play to your strengths.”  When you discover your formula for maximization, there are extraordinary biological consequences.
Your capabilities are extended by nature’s machinery for maximizing all systems for survival.  Your capabilities are extended by those of the surrounding biological infrastructure with which we have co-evolved to function.
The whole will exceed the sum of the parts.  You shift into overdrive.  You outperform your known potential.  You discover that true human potential relies on an internal-external partnership which you are about to learn to master.  New methods of information access become available.  New functionality and evolved states emerge.  Growth accelerates.  Peak experience becomes your new norm.
Breakthroughs, epiphanies, and coincidences multiply to catapult you to your goals.  One breakthrough can bypass the hundreds of steps required to achieve a goal.  One breakthrough may be life-changing, career-changing, and even world-changing.
Some of the BioMaxed articles advance the author’s methods of capitalizing on this external maximizing machinery introduced in her best-selling primer, “Peak Evolution: Beyond Peak Performance and Peak Experience” (2001).  The rest apply the author’s methods of exploiting this bio-infrastructure to career-related matters relevant to anyone who has significant goals to achieve.
As such, “BioMaxed” is a must-read for all aspiring worldbuilders and anyone who is driven to leave their most impactful footprint on the world.  It’s a revolutionary route to your greatest intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.

192 printed pages
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Lauren Holmes



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