The Giver, Lois Lowry
Lois Lowry

The Giver

194 printed pages
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In a perfect world, Jonas begins to see the flaws…
THE GIVER is the classic award-winning novel that inspired the dystopian genre and a major motion picture adaptation for 2014 starring Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift.
It is the future. There is no war, no hunger, no pain. No one in the community wants for anything. Everything needed is provided. And at twelve years old, each member of the community has their profession carefully chosen for them by the Committee of Elders.
Twelve-year old Jonas has never thought there was anything wrong with his world. But from the moment he is selected as the Receiver of Memory, Jonas discovers that their community is not as perfect as it seems.
It is only with the help of the Giver, that Jonas can find what has been lost. And it is only through his personal courage that Jonas finds the strength to do what is right…
The Giver is the award-winning classic of bravery and adventure that has inspired countless dystopian writers as the forerunner of this genre.
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Maja Jørgensen
Maja Jørgensenshared an impression2 years ago
🔮Hidden Depths
💡Learnt A Lot

This is such a wonderfully written book, that challenges so many things you thought you knew about yourself and the world! The ending is so open to interpretation and the characters are well rounded and it’s such a controversy. A total must-read, and the author’s note at the end is worth a read too

Denise S
Denise Sshared an impression10 days ago
👍Worth reading
🔮Hidden Depths
💡Learnt A Lot
🌴Beach Bag Book

Me encantó! Es el mejor libro que he leído en lo que va del año. Una maravilla. Seguiré leyendo más libros de esta autora, me encantó su manera de escribir.

Ilan Goldstein
Ilan Goldsteinshared an impression5 months ago
👍Worth reading
🙈Lost On Me
🔮Hidden Depths
💡Learnt A Lot

Scary end

Varun Satheesh
Varun Satheeshhas quoted2 years ago
Frightened meant that deep, sickening feeling of something terrible about to happen.

'Precision of Words'

Datka Dzhumakadyrova
Datka Dzhumakadyrovahas quoted2 months ago
for an explanation of the frightening event.

для объяснения пугающего события

Alex Chan
Alex Chanhas quotedlast year
Father asked. “Still angry?”

“I guess not,” Lily decided. “I guess I fe
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